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Hello Gorgeous, nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Jen Swenson and I believe that in the latter part of life is always an opportunity to reinvent and grow into the version of you were always created to be. Over the past decade, I've been on my own transformation journey and I want to bring you along with me. Gone are the days of feeling alone, invisible, frustrated or stuck. You have always been more than enough! When are you going to be the one to lead the way? To create the path for others to follow? To step into the dreams and plans you have had inside your heart since you were a girl.
The Change Room invites you to start living, feeling and dressing like it. No topics are off limits! In my pursuit of transformation, I want to cover everything from sex, trauma, influence, ageing, fashion, shame, self-awareness, singleness, fun and identity. Join me as I have conversations with experts and passionate people who want to see you relaunch your life and thrive! If you’re a woman of faith or just simply feel like there’s more to life; this is a podcast for YOU!

Jen Swenson xx

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